The Bear Maker Bio!

I have always loved bears, the real kind and the teddy kind.

About 20 years ago, a friend began making teddies. I listened to her as she learned, shopped with her for supplies and marveled over the bears she created. The seed was planted.

My husband's Aunt Mary also loves teddies and when she leaned we share the passion, she began passing on her teddy magazines to me. I read them from cover to cover for years, paying special attention to the stories about bear making and how bear artists got their start. I learned most bear artists made their first bear with a kit. The seed began to sprout.

I mentioned my interest to my husband, and for Christmas 2002 he gave me a bear kit.

I made that first bear in January 2003 and haven't stopped since. The seed is now growing like crazy!

I left my job in corporate America at the end of 2005 to find a more meaningful life, which now includes spending part of every afternoon in my playroom making bears. I am very blessed!

Diane 'The Velvet Star Bear Maker' Barrowman